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What is an adult day program?
Adult Day Program is a social and recreational program in a supervised setting. The program is for a range of adults, including those who may have physical and/or memory challenges, those living with chronic illness and the frail or elderly. It also supports individuals coping with loss of independence, cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and physical and mental disabilities.
What are your days and hours of operation?
We are open weekdays from 9am to 4pm.
Who can attend Peace of Mind Adult Day Program?
Medically stable adults who require care, support and stimulation during the daytime hours are welcomed in our program. If you are losing structure of your day, you feel isolated and don’t have enough time with other people, you have issues with safety in your own home and you spend entire days alone or live with someone who spends most of the day away from home, Peace of Mind Adult Day Program is for you!
Is referral from AHS or Home Care required?
No. That’s the beauty of our program. Anyone who feels the need for care and support during the daytime hours can access our program.
What are the benefits of attending Peace of Mind Adult Day Program?
There are numerous benefits for the clients and their families for attending Peace of Mind Adult Day Program.

  • participate in therapeutic recreational activities that will improve mental and physical health;
  • enjoy companionship and pleasurable activities to foster enhanced self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment;
  • preserve independence;
  • improve senior/adult health; and
  • caregivers can rest assured that your loved one is in a safe and nurturing environment with trained and caring staff;
What does the intake process look like?
We ask you to first complete the client assessment form and one of our staff will contact you. Once we have discussed with you the needs of our clients, you can choose one of our fee structures.
Is transportation to/from the adult day program provided?
Not at this time. Clients are responsible for arranging their own transportation. There are transportation options available through Calgary transit, Access Calgary or Driving Miss Daisy.
What is the ratio of staff to participants?
Currently, the ratio is one staff to five participants.
Are staffed trained and experienced with people with dementia?
Our staff is trained in personalized dementia care, diabetes care, personal care assistance, foot care and medication administration. Our staff and founders have experience caring for and interacting with adults and seniors with early to mid-stage dementia. In addition, we continuously look for training opportunities to further our knowledge and understanding of the disease. All our staff is licensed and accredited.
What does a day at Peace of Mind Adult Day Program look like?
Our clients are greeted by our staff and provided with coffee/tea and snacks while they read the paper, magazines or do crosswords according to each client’s interests. The morning is spent playing brain stimulating activities such as trivia, quiz challenge or discussing educational topics followed by light exercising before lunch time. After lunch we engage in games or light physical activities, social time and a mid-afternoon snack mid-afternoon. An example of our daily schedule can be found here, however, activities can vary slightly from week to week. From time to time we will invite guest speakers and partners in the community who can bring entertainment and social undertakings. We want our clients to engage in meaningful and fun activities.  Here is a partial list of our program benefits:

  • Exercise programs and scheduled activities.
  • Group discussions, sharing time and socializing.
  • Crafting activities, art therapy, lego and similar.
  • Music therapy, group singing, karaoke, music trivia, some dancing.
  • Indoor games such as cards, board games, carpet bowling, etc.
Are meals and snacks included?
At this time we plan to provide 2 snacks (morning and afternoon).  Lunch is not provided at this time but clients are welcomed to bring their own lunch or purchase lunch at a nearby cafe. We will be there to assist with the purchase of lunch.
How much does it cost to attend?
We are currently offering two fee structures: daily drop-in and monthly.  Contact us for a fee schedule.  Our fees are exclusive of GST.

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